Thematic Curriculum

Each half term, children are asked to think about their learning through a theme. They engage in a knowledge harvest and then mindmap what they would like to learn about through the theme. Teachers then consider this information, the knowledge and skills that are appropriate for their children’s age group and ability and the requirements of the Shakhsiyah Schools’ Halaqah, Arabic and Holistic Curricula and incorporate all this information into high quality lesson planning. Teachers employ the principles of inquiry-based learning; choosing strategies that reflect the different stages of inquiry – tuning in, finding out, sorting out and drawing conclusions. An overview of our themes are listed in the table below.

Year 4 Ancient Egypt Theme

Children engage with the theme holistically. For Ancient Egypt, the story of Prophet Musa (as) was studied as part of Islamic History, whilst the great pyramids were explored in Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Year 2 Fire and Ice Theme

During the covid-19 distant learning, students of Year 2 learnt about The Great Fire of London and wrote their own diary entries and newspaper articles for it. They have also made paintings of ‘The Great fire of London’.

Thematic Curriculum

Junior & Middle School

Thematic Curriculum

English & Arabic