High School & GCSE

Introduction to High School & GCSE

Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation, is excited to launch our first High School in September 2024 inshaAllah, where we will continue the educational journey of our students into their GCSE years. We will build on their learning thus far through the following GCSE Subjects

  1. Maths
  2. English Language
  3. English Literature
  4. Arabic
  5. Double Science
  6. History
  7. Computing
  8. Art and Design

In addition to the GCSE programme students will have regular Qur’an lessons and Halaqah to continue their Shakhsiyah development. We are also working with iSyllabus to adapt their Islamic Studies resources to devise an appropriate Islamic Studies programme. . 

Recognising the significance of this stage of 14+ years in being one where through suhba (companionship) a Murabbi spends time supporting each individual student to develop their sense of identity and personhood through navigating their relationships with Allah (SWT), self and with others.


At Shakhsiyah High School, our mission is clear – to cultivate a generation of confident, reflective, compassionate, and intellectually curious individuals. We support our students to understand their purpose in this world and acknowledge their responsibilities towards Allah (SWT). In collaboration with parents, we embark on a transformative educational journey, guiding our students through growth, self-discovery, and the strengthening of their Iman.


Our High School ethos is firmly grounded in the principles of Shakhsiyah Education, advocating for a holistic approach to learning. Beyond textbooks and exams, we strive to nurture well-rounded individuals who are not only academically proficient but also morally grounded and spiritually connected.

Guided by the belief that learning flourishes in a supportive and nurturing environment, our teachers serve as mentors and role models, providing guidance throughout the educational journey. Recognizing the diverse needs, backgrounds, and aspirations of adolescents, we tailor our approach to meet individual requirements.

Our commitment extends to both indoor and outdoor environments. Thoughtfully designed facilities create a safe and stimulating atmosphere where students can explore and develop academically, spiritually, and socially. 

Drawing on the principles of Shakhsiyah Education, we ensure that our indoor and outdoor environments  are carefully designed to foster the holistic development of young children,  building their Shakhsiyah Islamiyah (Islamic character and personality).

To do this, we develop their:

  1. love and understanding of their dīn
  2. cognitive capabilities and critical thinking 
  3. self-awareness and agency, emotional and social skills
  4. spirituality   
  5. language and literacy skills
  6. mathematical and computing skills
  7. ability to make connections between the different learning areas
  8. understanding of the physical world and societies
  9. scientific, geographical and historical inquiry skills
  10. creative self-expression  
  11. physical growth and development