Early Years & Infants


At Shakhsiyah Schools we build unique personal relationships with children in our care,  orienting them towards Allah (SWT), nurturing them towards reaching  their full potential and  supporting them on a journey to discover  their unique purpose in the Dunya.

To effectively prepare for this journey, our teachers begin by:

   – introspectively assessing their own shakhsiyah 

   – reflecting on their educational approaches as murabbi, mu’allim and mu’addib

   – considering the individual needs, backgrounds, and aspirations of each child and their family

Drawing on the principles of Shakhsiyah Education, we ensure that our indoor and outdoor environments  are carefully designed to foster the holistic development of young children,  building their shakhsiyah Islamiyah (Islamic character and personality).

To do this, we develop their:

   – love and understanding of their dīn

   – language and numeric capabilities 

   – cognitive capabilities and critical thinking 

   – understanding of the world 

   – self-awareness and agency, emotional and social skills 

   – spirituality  

   – physical growth