Qur’ānic Arabic

The Qur’ānic Arabic program at Junior and middle School reflects our dedication to cultivating well-rounded individuals who have a profound connection with the Qur’ān and its language. Our unique approach immerses children in Arabic from an early age, using age-appropriate texts to foster fluency in reading and enrich Islamic vocabulary. This helps them access Islamic sources and deepen their faith. Our curriculum developed over two decades, takes non-Arabic speaking children from practising basic Arabic grammar to composing Arabic texts. 

Many students excel in their GCSE Arabic exams often taken early at ages 11 through to 15, yet achieving A* and A grades, and some have proceeded to AS and A-level Arabic at ages 15-19 gaining the highest grades. A few of our alumni have pursued Arabic at degree level or abroad.

Ḥifz, the memorization of the Qur’an, is integral to our curriculum. Students memorise Juz ‘Amma and other Surahs while understanding their meanings. ḥifz instils love for the Qur’ān and equips children to carry its wisdom in their hearts and lives. Our goal is to nurture individuals who embody the Qur’ān guidance.

We have our own in-house tajwīd programme that children work through in a personalised manner. 

An account of the Battle of Badr, written in Arabic by our Year 6 student.

Qur’ānic Arabic

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