Qur’ānic Arabic

Our principle of Balaghah is integrated in our Qur’ānic Arabic Programme. Our aim is for our young learners to understand, value and use the language in which the Qur’ān was revealed.

Learning Qur’ānic Arabic

Our unique Qur’ānic Arabic program has been developed over two decades and is integral to the Shakhsiyah Curriculum. We infuse the language of the Qur’ān into all our holistic learning wherever possible, facilitating access to the Qur’ān from an early age. Our foremost goal is to develop a love for the Qur’ān and familiarity of its language in our students’ hearts.

Our bilingual Early Years teachers support even the youngest students to incorporate Arabic into daily interactions. In our Infants school, children have a daily Arabic lesson. Our Arabic phonics programme supports their learning.

Tajwīd and Hifdh (Recitation and Memorisation)

At Shakhsiyah Schools we cultivate fluency in Qur’ānic recitation through daily collective recitation in Morning Assembly and Halaqah. At this young age, reciting with native Arabic speakers helps children to pronounce Arabic letters and sounds accurately. This lays a foundation for learning recitation and tajwīd rules as children move through the school.
Our curriculum includes memorisation with children typically memorising Surah Fatiha and fifteen of the short Surāt in Juz Amma during the early years. They also memorise some short ahadith, du’a and core Qur’ānic vocabulary. This memorization process is further enriched by a comprehensive exploration of the meanings and messages encapsulated within these Surāt, thereby deepening children’s Qur’ānic understanding and love.

Qur’ānic Arabic

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