At the heart of the Halaqah Curriculum, is the niyyah to nurture our children to be thinking reflective committed Muslims who consciously choose to embrace the Islamic way of life and embody shakhsiyah Islamiyah. Halaqah  nurtures strong and positive relationships between the  teachers and individual children as well as between children.  These relationships play a pivotal role in the development of each child’s shakhsiyah and their unique identity. Moreover we begin to develop a love of Allah through the understanding that He (swt) is our Creator and a love of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the Rasūl (Messenger) of Allah.

 A focus on developing self-confidence, creativity, and meaningful friendships prepares children for junior years. They explore their bodies as a sacred trust and the blessings of family.  Halaqah sessions include values like sharing and kindness, along with appreciation for diverse cultures and respect for others.

Halaqah incorporates social and emotional development, learning about history, time and place and what it means to be Muslims living in Britain. 


Early Years


English & Arabic